O Genuíno Cobertor de Papa de Maçainhas Association

Association created on 15 May 2018, they call themselves the “only place in the world where the traditional, handmade and authentic papa blanket is still made”.

This is a traditional blanket from Serra da Estrela, a textile project driven by the Marquis of Pombal, made by hand from churra wool, a native Portuguese sheep - the churra mondegueira. These blankets are characterized by their long white fur, with 7 varieties that change in colour and shape, and peculiar smell. They are also quite heavy, warm, and waterproof. Their name may derive from the way these blankets are produced, with the wool being dipped in a mixture of earth and water from the Mondego River, forming a kind of porridge (or papa, in Portuguese).

Estrada Nacional 338, n.º 7, 6300-126 Maçainhas de Baixo

40.523444, -7.315167

969 607 479

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