Loriga Gorge (Garganta de Loriga)– “Eira da Pedra”

is a valley of glacial origin that establishes the connection between the Mountain Village of Loriga and the Superior Plateau of Serra da Estrela. This valley presents a succession of depressions overgrown by ice, which are named, from upstream to downstream, the covão Boieiro, the covão do Meio, the covão da Nave and the covão da Areia. In the lower section of this valley, on the western side, next to an enormous accumulation of rocks carried by the ice, is an old agricultural farm, called “Eira da Pedra” area. This place not only offers an extraordinary view of the Loriga Gorge, but also has a threshing floor, built on a rocky block of gigantic dimensions. Follow the Loriga Gorge Route (PR5 SEI) and be dazzled by this magnificent valley.

40.332633, -7.676411

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