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Walking Routes
MTB routes

PR3 CLB - Serra do Ralo Trail

Circular route of 11.1 km with some difficulty. Allows you to discover the Serra do Ralo and the landscape marked by wind farms.

PR2 GVA - Paths of Faith Trail

Circular trail of 16 km, with medium difficulty. Visits the main devotion centers in the mountain village of Aldeias, Mangualde da Serra, Moimenta da Serra and Vinhó.

PR4 GVA - Vergilian Literary Route

9 km circular pedestrian route that runs through the main points of the "eternal village" of the writer Vergílio Ferreira.

PR2 FAG - Viewpoint route

8 km circular pedestrian route that runs through the mountain village of Fornos de Algodres, 700 meters above sea level. Giving name to the route are the viewpoints of Outeiro and Comborço, points with a wide visual range that extends from the valleys of the streams of Vila Chã and Cortiçô to the foot of the Serra da Estrela.

Memory Route - RAF Airplane

At dawn on February 22, 1944, a British Air Force plane crashed in Serra da Estrela, near the place of Malhada do Mato Amieiro, in Garganta de Loriga.

While crossing between Gibraltar and London, heavy fog and the low altitude of the flight caused the Lockheed Hudson to crash into the southern slope of the mountain range. The violence of the collision resulted in the destruction of the plane and the tragic loss of its entire crew.

The RAF Aircraft Crew Memory route allows you to visit the place where the accident took place, a difficult linear pedestrian route, starting in Loriga (Largo da Carreira).


PR14 CVL - Varanda dos Pastores Route

The Varanda dos Pastores Route is a 12 km circular route with a strong connection to the history of transhumance, traversing ancestral paths of shepherds, essential places for pastoralism.



The Ladaínhas route runs along the western slope of Serra da Estrela, connecting the villages of São Martinho, Póvoa Nova, Eirô and Santa Marinha.

In the surroundings of the villages, agricultural fields installed on terraces predominate, flanked by walled paths, used in the past to drive herds to pastures located at higher altitudes.

In the landscape there are also forest areas of maritime pine, punctuated in the wetter areas by patches of black oak, broom bushes and meadows, which together support a relevant biodiversity.

PR 9 OHP - Catedral Route

The Catedral route is a circular walking route starting in the mountain village of São Gião.

It crosses an area dominated by terraced agricultural fields and forest stands, with the imposing parish church (Catedral das Beiras) always as a backdrop.

Amongst its ex-libris are the radio telescope and a series of public lavatories.

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