Nave de Santo António

It is located at an altitude of about 1500 meters, between Torre and Piornos, and is covered by one of the most extensive cervunales (herbaceous plant) in the mountains. It is a plateau shaped site, which accumulates large amounts of snow during the winter. This site was frozen during the various advances and retreats of the glaciations, which flowed into the glacial valleys of Zêzere and Alforfa.

Here you can observe various sedimentary forms deposited by glaciers, including the Poio do Judeu and Alforfa moraines. From this point it is possible to imagine the silhouette of a woman, if you look at the cut of the upper plateau of Serra da Estrela in the area of the pitchers, you will be able to observe the drawing of the female profile as if she were lying down.

It's a geossite of the Estrela Geopark (GF 25).

40.31455, -7.578253

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