Cowork Co-operative @Aldeias de Montanha (Mountain Villages) - Lapa dos Dinheiros

The Cowork Cooperative space in Lapa dos Dinheiros is an old primary school that was renovated and designed to become a unique work place. Indoors, it is inspired by a modern and practical environment. Outdoors, you can find the best that nature has to offer, with the Souto da Lapa dos Dinheiros, a river beach and trails.

This space is one of the biggest spaces of the Mountain Village Coworking Cooperative network, it has a large outdoor area with tables and a panoramic view, a meeting room with screen, an lounge area, kitchen and dining area, workroom for 8 people or more, WC's, heating and a storage room.

The space is open, in a trial phase, so the access will be free at this stage. To book you just need to go to the website and choose this cowork space from the list and the respective dates.

Rua do Soito, 6270-651 Lapa dos Dinheiros

24h open

40.379583, -7.710352

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