The mountain pathways are a network of pedestrian routes that, due to the range and diversity of places covered, represent one of the most enriching ways of discovering the region.


PR 1 - Ribeira do Piódão Route

The Ribeira do Piódão (Piódão stream) route runs through a dispersedly populated valley, enclosed by the foothills of the Estrela and Açor mountain ranges. The human occupation of this land is very old as is proven by the engraved rock art dating from the Neolithic period.


PR 2 - Ribeira de Loriga Route

The Ribeira de Loriga route runs along an extensive valley, lodged on the Southern flank of the Estrela mountain range. On the way, the tenacity of the people who live here is evident in the vast areas of fields built in terraces and in the manmade wells, known as "poços de broca", one of the most singular aspects of the mountain rural landscape.


PR 3 - Terraces Route

The Terraces route, which begins in the picturesque village of Cabeça, runs through a green valley where vast areas of terraces stand out. In this eminently rural landscape, it is still possible to witness the typical customs and traditions of the villages in the Estrela mountain range.


PR 4 - Eira Route

The Eira (threshing floor) route that begins in Loriga passes through a rugged valley, where a vast area of terraced agriculture stands out. In the town, amongst the picturesque houses, old textile factories can be seen as, an eloquent testimony of the woolen industry of the Estrela mountain range.


PR 5 - Loriga Gorge Route

The Loriga Gorge route passes through places still used today by shepherds and their flocks of sheep’s and goats. The path is demanding, but the landscape rewards the effort with moments of complete absorption with nature.


PR 6 - Mass Route

The Mass route follows an old path that ensures the connection between the villages along the Teixeira valley.
The name of this route results the fact that a large number of people, in the past, did this path on foot to attend the Sunday mass at the chapel of N. Sr.ª da Conceição in Teixeira.


PR 7 - Canadas Route

The Canadas route follows an wide natural amphitheatre lodged in the foothills of the south side of the Torre plateau. At the entrance to this amphitheatre, lies the picturesque village of Alvoco da Serra, the starting point of a pathway that develops through a network of intricate stone paths known as “canadas”.


PR 8 - Wolfram Route

The Wolfram route runs around the village of Sazes da Beira, on a slope where there are numerous traces of the wolfram mine tunnels that were part of the old mining area of Malhão.


PR 9 - Círio Mines Route

The Círio Mines route, beginning in Valezim, follows a valley lodged on the western side of the Estrela mountain range. The village has a rich history, which can be seen in the varied group of monuments and in the ruins of an old mining complex.


PR 10 - Caniça Route

The Caniça route crosses a valley of rugged terrain where the landscape preserves a marked rural character. On the way, water is a constant presence with numerous places that encourage close contact with nature.


PR 11 - Vale do Rossim Route

The Vale do Rossim route follows old pathways that connect the Vale do Rossim, an important recreational site, to Sabugueiro, one of the most emblematic mountain villages. In the past, these paths were used by shepherds, coalmen and farmers who found part of their income in the mountain.


PR 12 - Rota da Fervença

The Fervença route begins in Sabugueiro, passing through a typical mountainous landscape. In the village, the traditions and customs related with pastoral activity remain deeply rooted in daily life.


PR 13 - Ribeira de Alvoco Route

The Ribeira de Alvoco route runs through a valley jammed between the Açor and Estrela mountain ranges, making the connection between Alvoco da Serra and Vide. In the landscape there are numerous aspects that confirm the agricultural past of the peoples of the valley, with special attention to the singularity of manmade wells, known as "poços de broca", where the course of the streams was diverted.


PR 14 - Pastoreio Route

The Pastoreio route is located on the south side of the upper massif of the Estrela mountain range, providing great sights over a vast area of Portugal Central region. In the past, these pathways, were followed by shepherds and their transhumant flocks, when, in the summer, they rose from the foothills of Estrela to the high mountain grasslands.

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