Fresh air. Green landscapes. Rugged terrain. Genuine people. Tradition at the table.

An atmosphere to live intensely. Leave the commonplaces, flee to the mountains and live unrepeatable experiences. The Aldeias de Montanha (Mountain Villages) form a unique set of culture and nature, where the tangible heritage is perfectly integrated. Harmony dictates the pace of life.


Vineyards Trail

Circular trail, without any particular difficulties, that develops in the surrounding village of Santa Comba, providing the crossing of bucolic areas of vineyards, olive groves and pine forests.


Centrais Trail

Circular trail with a high degree of difficulty, that develops in the western
hillside of the Estrela mountain range. It includes pathways that provide a broad overview to the Mondego Valley and the crossing of emblematic places as the
Lapa dos Dinheiros river beach and the place of Senhora do Desterro.


Vale do Seia Trail

Circular trail that follows the Seia river valley, through several places with vestiges dating back to the Middle Ages, such as bridges and sidewalks in good conditions. Trail with multiple support points, such as fountains, coffee shops and restaurants. This trail will connect with Oliveira do Hospital MTB Center.


Penhas Douradas Route

Circular route that includes mountain areas, with altitudes close to 1500 m, such as the Vale do Rossim and the Penhas Douradas. This circuit has a very high degree of difficulty, but a great quality due the type of the trails and the challenges it poses. From Penhas Douradas, this trail makes connection to the trail 15 of Manteigas MTB Center. These two trails create a Long Traverse that can be covered in two days. In Sabugueiro and Vale do Rossim there are several support points.